Recruitment and Selection
University of Exeter Staff training

" Excellent workshop. I feel very prepared.

" Great course leader.

" Great interactive session with clear leadership.

" Very good delivery and all very relevant.

" John was great. Interaction with others was really key.

" A really well constructed, well presented, businesslike and entertaining course. It will definitely help me in preparing well for interview duties.

" Enjoyable and informative.

" Excellent. Superby delivered - rich in content, memorable and light touch.

" Enjoyable session. Presenter had clear, extensive knowledge of topic.

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Under-grad and Post-grad Engineering Students
University of Exeter 2015

" The teacher teaching HR was amazing - I really liked his way of teaching and making the students participate actively in the classroom.

" The teacher in human resource management was really good! Enthusiastic and skilled.

" My favourite part of the module has to be John Mitchell's work. Considering this is only his second year teaching the material, I was extremely impressed with the quality of the teaching. He is engaging as a lecturer and made the content incredibly interesting. He deserves credit for the effort and enthusiasm with which he taught this term.
Resilience & Dealing with Stress
Uni. of Falmouth Staff Training
May 2015

" Fantastic. Fascinating. Very useful.

" Given a range of practical tools / things to take away and think about. On reflection, such a huge amount of content covered. Thank you.

" Everything was really useful - all the strategies. The brain diagram was very good. Thank you very much for giving a very detailed, well-structure course.

" This was a really positive experience
- the most useful CPD I have
ever had.

" John was really informative and helpful. Really friendly and made me feel that I can open up about own stresses when talking about how to deal with situations.

" Involving and interesting. Nice offer of further support if wanted.

" Enjoyed the psychology. Media was very relevant and interesting. Very focused discussion. All useful.

" Delivered very well - thank you.

" It was all useful. Really well done.
Assertiveness skills
Uni. of Exeter Staff Training Sept 2015
" John is a great speaker and makes everyone feel confident when presenting their answers.
" It was great. Engaging throughout and well-managed.
" Very useful and a pleasure to attend.
" A range of tips and tools to raise personal effectiveness and confidence. Particularly useful were the behaviour types and toolkits.
" Great trainer - really enjoyed the session.
Very effective workshop.
" The tutor was highly experienced, receptive and managed this session very well.
" It was a very good session - very informative. Well done.
" I like the way the tutor drew out the issues and then applied what we were learning to them. And how he went off in tangents - to cover issues that have foxed people - to help them move forward. Thank you - job well done!
" Excellent training and trainer! Really enjoyable, very useful, will definitely recommend it to other colleagues.
" Good course - interactive and enjoyable - a lot in three hours - but good.

Delegation skills
Uni. of Exeter Staff Training Sept 2015
" John is excellent. Despite being an 'outsider' to the University, he grasped the culture and nature of challenges facing university staff very well.
" Lots covered in a very short period. Very good resources.
" A very valuable session, well delivered.
Recruitment and Selection
" Thank you very much for today's session on Recruitment and Selection. It was eye-opening, by which I mean it opened my eyes to what I must call my own complacency about my ability to be fair in the hiring process. It was immensely exciting (and therapeutic) to be led to re-think what I thought I knew. I loved it.
Thank you again for providing one of the best learning experiences I've had in a very long time.
Professor, Department of English
University of Exeter