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" Very valuable training session. Thank you.

" Expert knowledge from John, but delivered in a friendly sharing way.

" Extensive consultation and piloting, a hallmark of John's approach that has given me a huge amount of confidence in the quality of the material he produces.

" Good pace. Interesting examples. Kept it moving by raising the level of analysis so it felt positive.

" He has provided not only project management skills but has also kept the 'big picture' firmly in sight for the team.

" He is extremely well versed in all aspects of his field.

" He knows the subject very well.

" He made it extremely interesting.

" Hugely informative.

" I have a lot of very positive feedback about the session from attendees. Your session was extremely informative and thought provoking. May I also congratulate you on the enjoyable style of your presentation. In light of the success of the event, I hope that we will be able to run a similar session in another 12 months.

" A large area was covered. Many interesting and valuable comments and points were made and I feel the training has certainly broadened my knowledge.

" Thoroughly enjoyable course.

" A very good introduction to a very important topic. Thought provoking. Given me lots of ideas to take up.

" A very in-depth training day. Very enlightening and informative. Food for thought.

" A very informative session with helpful suggestions.

" Brilliant, entertaining and inspirational.

" Clearly a productive and informative workshop, which raised several issues that have a bearing and effect upon my daily practice.

" Enlightening, enjoyable, well prepared and delivered.

" Evaluation of the programme testifies to his success.

" Excellent day. Far better than expected!

" Excellent use of resources, pace, timing. Good use of humour.
" I have learned a lot.

" It is this aspect of John's contribution that I particularly value - he is prepared to think through the long-term consequences of all his interventions, which most consultants simply walk away from.

" John gave a really enjoyable, interactive and interesting training day. A professional and well-delivered session in which I learned a great deal.

" John provided a wealth of thought provoking information within a limited timeframe. Presented in an interesting way.

" Session on legal aspects was very useful.

" This was an excellent day, which I enjoyed immensely. It has taught me a lot.

" This was an excellently presented and very useful session and I feel better prepared for this area in the future.

" This was very well presented and tailored to our needs.

" Very good training session, useful information.

" Very impressed.

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