Coaching evaluations
Dr Karen Walshe
Senior Lecturer, University of Exeter
John's Time Management coaching has changed the way I work. He taught me to think about work differently and helped me to achieve a much healthier work-life balance. I really looked forward to his sessions and found them both challenging and supportive. He enabled me to realise that by looking at tasks differently, I could prioritise them in such a way that made them more achievable. He taught me to think more strategically and gave me the confidence and strategies to manage my workload more effectively. I particularly valued John's holistic approach and felt that the work we did was tailored very specifically to my needs. I no longer approach my work as if I had ripped open a jigsaw puzzle, strewn the pieces all over the floor and randomly picked up pieces, trying (and failing) to fit them together. Instead I feel more in control and approach my work in a more structured and calm way. I even leave the office now at a reasonable time!

Customer testimonials
Fantastic tutor - thanks.

Absolutely brilliant!

A person of the highest ethical standards.

I really enjoyed today and wish it could have been longer

I have no hesitation in recommending John

Dr Anthony Wilson
Senior Lecturer, University of Exeter
John is an outstanding personal coach. I worked with him over a period of six months on improving my time management skills. These took place in one-to-one conversations with follow-up meetings every two or three weeks, with self-study and reading tasks to complete in the intervening time. John's mixed approach, challenging the underlying assumptions of behaviour whilst supporting and encouraging new patterns of thought, was perfectly suited to the goals we drew up together. I recommend his work in this area without hesitation and with gratitude for helping me to approach my work in a much more efficient way.
Richard Turner
Engineering Director, Fine Tubes Ltd
Before starting my time management coaching with John I would typically have over 200 emails unopened, 'sticky notes' all around my screen, a desk which I couldn't see for piles of paper, a family who hardly ever saw me and a permanent sense of having forgotten something. After working with John I can honestly say that this is all changed and with the help of just a handful of 'time management' disciplines my working life is transformed. The benefit in my working life, home life and health and well-being is immeasurable and I would recommend John's course to anyone. (All of this from an initially sceptical engineer.)
School Deputy Headteacher, Exeter
John skilfully helped me to understand my leadership challenges in a theoretical context, and gave me space to reflect on the things I could change (e.g. my resilience) rather than the things I couldn't (e.g. my circumstances). I owe a great deal to John's questioning and insights over the last three years, which have enabled me to be a stronger, more robust and self-confident leader.
Jon Evans
Manager, Heatree Activity Centre, Dartmoor
I have been extremely impressed with the management coaching delivered by John Mitchell of Clarity Skills. It has been accessible, applicable and effective. John has the ability to strike at the core of the problem and start you on the journey to a solution. I wouldn't know where I'd be without the support of John's management coaching.