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1. I provide coaching, training, materials and consultancy advice that is based upon intelligent, established, tried and tested principles of management - I avoid quackery and fad. I strive to be well informed and contemporary in everything I do.

2. I believe learning should be fun. However, I don't do fun for its own sake.

3. My on-going clients like me to operate as an external critical friend - a long-term partnership in which I watch and listen whilst out and about in the organisation and bring to management ideas about how it might improve, informed by my professional experience. Therefore on some issues I might like to raise challenging issues.

Customer driven business
4. My business is to identify, agree and meet your needs - I do not sell things I don't think you need.

5. I will only accept an assignment if I believe I am well placed to deliver customer delight. Any training or consultancy I do is tailor-made to meet the customer's need - I do not have off-the-peg interventions. When designing training I usually want to speak to a sample of delegates to make sure I properly understand their wants and needs.

6. I believe that organisations can be excellent only when they get right a number of inter-dependent people management, personal effectiveness, management and organisation development issues. I therefore try to cover the wide range of these topics and in an integrated way.

Quality guarantee
7. I am confident about the quality of my work and therefore I will invoice only if you are happy with what I have done. If you are not happy I do not charge. And I will not quibble.

Minimising admin
8. I want to make it as easy as possible for you to do business with us and I would like you to tell us if you believe I am failing to do so. My systems are built to fit yours. This business operates to help you.

Transparent and predictable charging
9. I quote up-front so you can be certain about fees before engaging me. We are lean in administration and there are minimal management overheads - you are paying for what you get.

Professional network
10. I maintain a wide network of associates to whom I will refer a client if I am not best placed to meet your needs. However, if you engage me to design and deliver, I will complete the job unless we agree otherwise - I will not front-up using sales people. What you see is what you get (aside from the occasional wash, shave and change of clothes).

John has given freely of his time to understand and work through the issues at design stage and spends an equal amount of energy in evaluating the impact of his work; put simply he cares about his work.

John was able to bring to the table the most current and informed research on HRD strategy.

I cannot speak too highly of John's work.
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